Grigoris is 36-years-old from Athens, Greece. This is his story:

It was a summer morning when I was 7 years old when a sudden abdominal pain forced me to transfer to the hospital, initially diagnosed with appendicitis, and had surgery to remove it, during surgery she found a coexisting lymphangitis with a 50 cm thinner and histologically diagnosed lymphangiomatosis …. it was the beginning that the page turns into the life of a young child…

The quicker was a child who did not put it down anytime despite all the bans, the dreamer of the quadrant who wanted to be stopped relatively early when he entered the hospital and this time for a serious surgery at the artery after a chill and dyspnoea was operated successfully.

10 years after and from a lot of  for intense abdominal pains.

once again entered the surgery for LYMPHANGIOMATOSIS  in the right testicle.

We are now in Sirolimus treatment for about 3 years. Despite the side effects in the mouth from ulcers, with hemoptysis being a common phenomenon, and ileus reduced.

I am a 36-year-old and I can work and I have a normal life as long as I can and I do my prayer for every day that goes well with me.

My advice is how psychology can contribute positively to the course of the disease, as well as the diet I use as low in liposomes, I believe it helps a lot in the walls of the vessels and in the cystic masses.

May God be with us!!!!