Who We Are:

The Lymphangiomatosis & Gorham’s Disease Alliance (LGDA) was started by Jana K. Sheets in 2007 as a rare disease advocacy organization supporting people living with complex lymphatic anomalies (CLAs) and their loved ones. To date, LGDA has raised millions of dollars in support of CLA research aimed at curing these diseases. We regularly partner with our sister organizations, LGDA Europe and the Lymphatic Malformation Institute (LMI), to serve a worldwide community of people through networking, education, research, and advocacy.

What Our Numbers Look Like:
  • Our 990s
  • Our Annual Reports [coming soon!]
Ways to Give:

By Check or Credit Card
Most gifts to LGDA come in the form of personal checks or credit cards; VISA, MasterCard, American Express or Discover. All gifts entitle donors to a charitable income tax deduction subject to IRS regulations. Consult your tax advisor for details.

Please complete our donation form and mail it with your donation to the following address:

PO Box 723
Rockville, MD 20848

NOTE: Make checks payable to the LGDA

Matching Gifts
Does your employer match gifts? Many companies have a matching gift program which can double, and, in some cases, triple the value of your gift. Please check with your company’s Human Resources Department. The matching gift must be initiated by you once you have contributed to LGDA. When LGDA receives the paperwork from your employer, LGDA can verify that your gift was made and complete the necessary documentation.

Donors who wish to contribute but do not wish to make an immediate payment may make a pledge. A pledge is a promise to make a specified payment within the campaign period.

The Fund for LGDA Patient Education and Support pledges are expected to be paid in full by December 31 of each calendar year.

Major Gifts pledges can be made over time, in accordance with the donor’s wishes. Pledge reminder letters will be mailed at the times requested by the donor.

Life Insurance
LGDA will accept gifts of life insurance where LGDA is named as both beneficiary and irrevocable owner of the insurance policy.

In-kind Donations
In-kind donations include services, benefits, or privileges that offset the total value of cash and non-cash donations.

Stock & Securities
Making a gift of securities is both simple and tax efficient. Gifts of appreciated stock may allow a donor to avoid a capital gains tax in addition to receiving a charitable income tax deduction for the fair market value of the stock. Donors making stock and securities gifts should consult an attorney.

Donors are encouraged to make bequests to LGDA under their wills, and to name LGDA as the beneficiary under trusts, life insurance policies, commercial annuities, and retirement plans

Contact: For any questions, contact Gemma Berry, or at 310 595-5370.

Please note that:

Charitable Lead Trusts/Designation of Trustee
As a general rule, LDGA will not accept designation as the trustee of a charitable lead trust or another organization. The Board of Directors can override this general rule.
Donors are responsible for their legal and professional fees for the donation. LDGA and its employees and agents are prohibited from advising donors about the tax consequences of their donations.
Donor restriction gifts must be greater than $5,000 and be defined as temporarily restricted where restrictions are met by the passage of time or performing activities or permanently restricted where restrictions will never expire and the donor intent is for the principal balance to remain intact forever.

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