Allan Gammon



Allan (familiarly known as “Gammie”) Gammon resides in the countryside in Wellington, New Zealand with his wife, Valerie, and their two teenage children, Jack and Malindi. Their son Jack was diagnosed Gorham’s disease at the age of 16.

Gammie holds an HNC (Higher National Certificate of Engineering) from Canterbury College, Kent, England, and a diploma in Business Management from the N.Z. Institute of Management. Since 2001, he has been British Petroleum’s (BP) Innovation Manager, with a responsibility for a changing portfolio of diverse projects ranging from business strategy to long-term energy options including fuelcard technology, development of liquefied natural gas (LNG) & biofuels, and carbon trading and climate change. Gammie has been a Special Advisor to the Ministry for Environment, and is presently the BP representative on the Business Council for Sustainable Development.

Joining the Board as an early member, Allan served three 3-year terms on the LGDA Board contributing immensely to the foundation with his time, expertise, and financial support.