Transition from Pediatric to Adult Care

Representing the LGDA at the 10th Annual Health Care Transition Research Consortium Research Symposium and the 19th Annual Chronic Illness and Disability Conference: Transition from Pediatric to Adult-based Care, in the Texas Medical Center were LGDA Director of Patient Programs, Lisa Klepper, and LGDA board member, Tiffany Ferry. The meetings were held October 24-26, 2018 and co-hosted by Baylor College of Medicine and Texas Children’s Hospital, with many of the presentations broadcast live to audiences at other institutions.

Lisa Klepper, Ionela Iacobas, and Ashley Mack at the poster presentation.

During the research symposium, Dr. Ionela Iacobas, Medical Director of the Vascular Anomalies Center and Co-Director of the Pediatric Hematology-Oncology Vascular Anomalies Program at Texas Children’s Hospital, and Baylor College of Medicine 3rd year student Ashley Mack presented a poster titled Difficulties in Transition of Care from Pediatric to Adult Clinics for Patients with Vascular Anomalies. The poster was the first representation at the meeting of the challenges of providing care to adults with vascular anomalies and was very well-received with many attendees stopping and talking with Dr. Iacobas and Ms. Mack about the findings of their team. Click here to view the poster.

Also during the week, Mrs. Klepper and Mrs. Ferry met with members of the TCH Vascular Anomalies Center’s team to learn more about the program, how it was developed, and its goals for the future.

View the meeting brochure.