LGDA Hosts First Non-Event Fundraiser


You read that correctly.

Our Non-Event is guaranteed to please everyone everywhere because you’re doing whatever you want, which may or may not include absolutely nothing.

We’re not holding an event. We’re not booking a hall, picking a menu, hiring entertainment, scheduling activities, twisting arms to get volunteers, hoping for good weather and crossing our fingers people find time and money to come.

We’re not letting high overhead costs eat in to proceeds that could otherwise be better spent on fulfilling the LGDA’s mission of providing hope and help to our patients and their families.

Instead, we’ve designed an experience for people just like you — the kind of good-hearted folks who would love to support our cause but aren’t offered a donor-friendly medium

This is the choose-your-own-adventure of fundraising. Catch a sporting event on TV or attend a concert. Play board games with your family or share a drink with a friend. Heck, go feed your goats or wash your car. We don’t care.

All we ask is that you return our Non-event Donation Form with your contribution of any amount (click here to view and print). Or if that seems like too much work, you can make your donation online. Please extend this Non-event invitation with your friends and family and ask them not to attend with you.

Our Non-Event carries nearly no overhead costs, meaning nearly everything we raise goes directly to the LGDA to support our growing patient registry to research treatment and a cure; enhance our support network for patients and their families; and advocate for public policy that helps our Warriors.

On behalf of the LGDA International Fundraising Committee, we thank you for your support.

We look forward to not seeing you. Thank you for not coming.




The LGDA Non-event Committee