Dine To Donate

Fundraising on behalf of the LGDA doesn’t require you to participate in a race or ride, host a dinner auction, put together a golf tournament – it can as simple as passing out a flyer or spreading the word on social media!  There are many restaurants who offer a “dine to donate” night.  You and the restaurant choose a date and time where a percentage of the restaurants sales will be donated to the LGDA.  Different restaurants have different stipulations (some require the guest to show a phone message or a flyer), but your job is easy -invite people to dine!  It’s something we all do – and who doesn’t like to eat?


Below is a list of restaurants that have programs in place.  You can also your favorite local restaurant if they would be interested in hosting a dine to donate night.  For them, not only are they supporting their community, but they are also bringing in new customers that are supporting your fight against GLA and GSD.


Don’t forget to thank your generous host by sending a nice thank you – maybe a framed picture or card they can display to show the difference they are making in their community.  Sending a note the local newspaper is a nice gesture as well.  We want to show our gratitude for their generous donation!


If you have any questions or would like further advice on how to host a dine to donate event, please contact support@lgdalliance.org.  We would also love to hear from you if you hosted a dine to donate event, or if you know of other restaurants who have generous spirits like the ones listed below.


You can click on the restaurant name to be taken to their website for further information and to make a request.


Applebee’s:  You can use the contact form to get information about your local Applebee’s and how they support community charities.  If you live in New York, New Jersey, Georgia or Florida, you can click here and read about their two charitable programs, the Flapjack Fund and Dine to Donate.


California Pizza Kitchen:  Not only will they donate, they also have fundraising tips and a fundraising calculator to help plan your event.  They will donate 20% of the sales.


Culver’s – Culver’s has a strong tradition of supporting their local communities, and often donate proceeds during a specified time to local organizations.  Visit your local Culver’s for fundraising opportunities.


Chick-fil-A – This company has a strong giving philosophy; contact your local Chick-fil-A for fundraising opportunities.


Red Robin  You can host a Spirit Night and they will donate 20% of sales to the LGDA.  They have a great toolkit with templates for emails and text messages – social media templates- they have done it all for you! You can apply online.


Groupraise.com – This is a great site where you can search restaurants in your area that will donate proceeds to the LGDA.  Simply enter your address and you will see a list of restaurants who have dine to donate programs.  You can even request a date directly from their site and read tips on how to make your event a success.