Alcoa Pittsburgh Takes a Walk with Ella

On October 27, 2014, employees at Alcoa’s Pittsburgh office joined together and walked 1-mile around the North Shore as part of the “Take a walk with Ella” fundraiser. The walk started at the Pittsburgh Office, 201 Isabella Street, Pittsburgh, PA. The goal of this event was to increase public awareness and to raise money to help support research dedicated to curing this rare disease.

This fundraiser was a great success! Participant’s raised a total of $7,932 through cash donations, on-line donations to the First Giving-Ange van der Velden’s Fundraising Page, and a donation from the Alcoa Foundation. In addition, prior to this fundraiser, on-line donations were made to Ange van der Velden’s Fundraising Page totaling $1,725.00. In total to-date, the van der Velden’s have raised a total of $9,657. What a wonderful achievement!!

Many thanks to Ella, her family, and all those who participated in this extraordinary fundraising effort to support the LGDA!

Donations may still be made to Ange van der Velden’s Fundraising Page or directly to the LGDA.

Walk With Ella 1

Alcoa Pittsburgh Employees with Ella

Walk With Ella 2 Walk With Ella 3